Esthetic medicine

Laser SP-Spectro Fotona:
Makes the skin firmer and tighter, refines the skin texture, rejuvenates the skin, reduces age spots, removes thread veins, removes hair
Relaxes the muscles and reduces the appearance of mimic wrinkles and lines, especially effective in parts like forehead and around the eyes.

PRP (Plateled Rich Plasma):
Unique natural method to rejuvenate the skin. Renewal of the cells by injecting the platelets of the patients own blood (using its strong growth factors). It firms the skin, improves the skin tone and revitalizes scars.
Filler (Hyaluronic acid):
Improves the skin volume (e.g. lips), fills and firms deeper wrinkles. It supports facial structures and elasticity of the skin.

Corona vaccination / Botox / Filler / Myer`s Cocktail
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