Plasmatherapy PRP

Plasmatherapy PRP (Plateled Rich Plasma):
Plasmatherapy is a technique which helps to improve the rejuvenation process of the skin. Therefore we take blood from the patient and prepare it in a centrifuge following a specific protocoll. Directly after the preparation we inject part of the blood (plasma) into the patient’s skin. The plasma contains white cells and mesenchymal stem cells with plateled growth factor, those factors activate the process of skin rejuvenation. The healing process lasts several weeks. The skin becomes more tight and the teint improves and looks more radiant .The plasmatherapy also activates healing process and revitalises scars.

In my office we use very thin cannulas for injection so the treatment is almost painless. We inject with a spezial injector which also helps to reduce pain.
Plasmatherapie (PRP) Reinbek - Dr. Christine Zieron

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