Spider veins

Spider veins derive from a hereditary connective tissue weakness. Little superficial veins are extended, lokated mostly on the tighs. The laser treatmant is an aesthetic treatment. The veins dissappear after the laser therapy. In general one or two treatments are necessary.


Extended little veins are often located in the face in the area of the nostril or the cheeks caused by hereditary connective tissue weakness. The laser therapy is an aesthetic treatment. The veins dissappear after one or two laser treatments.

Stem warts

Stem warts are benign skin tumors typically located in the area of the neck, the armpits and the shoulder. They’re not contagious. The laser cuts off the stem warts, it’s a low-pain treatment without scarring.

Warts (Verrucae)

Warts are viral infections and they are contagious. They often arise over a long period of time and on some parts of the body they can cause pain. Warts are very persistent and aesthetically very unpleasant. The vessels of the warts are becoming deserted by the laser therapy and step by step the wart dries out.

In opposite to surgery the laser treatment has no risk for scarring. Several laser treatments are necessary to heal warts.

Nail fungus

Nail fungus is contagious and wide spread. The infection arises unnoticed and is recognized late after months and years because of the changes of the nails. The nail looks thicker and splintery like wood. Laser therapy can help to treat nail fungus.

A cooperation of laser treatment and medical pedicure is very important to achieve the best healing process and to prevent reinfection.

The advantage of laser therapy for nail fungus is the local treatment without systemic side effects. Several laser treatments are necessary.

Age spots

Age spots come from long-term sun exposure to the skin. They’re located mostly in the face, decolltee and back of the hand. They’re benign skin changes and can successfully be treated by laser. Depending on the severity of the age spots two or three treatments are necessary to brighten the spots. On top it’s important to use a consequent sun protection to prevent the formation of new age spots.

Wrinkles and lines

The skin changes from long-term sun exposure, hereditary factors, hormonal changes and life style. The skin looses tightness and elasticity, it gets thinner and sags, wrinkels arise.

Eyes/Eylids: The sagging in the area of the upper eyelids (drooping eyelids) can be irritating and the wrinkles in the area lateral the eyes may not be wanted. The laser therapy can tighten the skin to improve the drooping and refreshes the look of the eyes. The number of sessions depend on the severity of the drooping.

Face: The expression of the face changes because of the sagging of the skin, it often looks tired. The frac 3 laser treatment causes multiple punctual micro injuries in the deeper skin, the collagen formation is stimulated and the skin regains more thickness and tightness. The surface of the skin remains untouched so the treatment has almost no down-time.

Hair removal

Hair growth in the face comes from hormonal changes, hereditary factors or as a side effect of medical treatment.

Hair growth in the face is mostly located in the area of the upper lip, chin and cheeks.

After clarification of causes the laser therapy is very effective in hair removal, especially for dark hair. Several sessions are necessary to achieve the best result because of the growth cycle of hair.

Unwanted hair growth in the area of the back, armpits, bikini zone or legs can successfully be treated by laser, especially for dark hair.


Hypertrophic scars can be treated with the Erbium Laser. The treatment causes thin scabs for a couple of days. The scars are much more smooth and flat after the treatment.

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