Botox is used as a treatment to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles like forehead lines and worry lines. But also crow’s feet from the outer corners of the eyes and lip lines can be removed. Botox is also approved to treat chronic migraine. It is injected therefore in the cervical or parietal area.

In the case of excessive sweating, Botox can help to reduce hyperhidrosis.

In my office we use Xeomin ( Botulinum toxin A) from the company Merz, it is well tolerated and has low side effects. We do the injection with very thin cannulas so the treatment is almost painless. The duration of the effects of the Botox injection varies individually, the average time is three to five months. Then the muscle action gradually returns and treatment could be repeated.
Botox Behandlung Reinbek - Praxis Dr. Christine Zieron

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